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ROCON Mimic Editor

ROCON Mimic Editor program is designed to create and edit graphic mnemonic schemes for the devices of the DRAGON 3 series. It operates on a PC platform under Windows OS. The program allows point-to-point connection (IrDA interface optical head), as well as TCP/IP connection with the device via local or the global network.





The main characteristics of the program are:

  • Texts input and editing in different languages (Cyrillic included) with different font size
  • Drawing of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with different thickness
  • Library of symbols for the indication of primary equipment (circuit breaker, disconnector earthling switch), analogue values etc. allowing editing of them
  • Configuring the condition of two-position equipment (on, off, intermediate, error) with a choice of different mnemonic symbol
  • Wide range of options for editing and colouring - Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate…