ROCON MMI (Man Machine Interface) is ROCON's IEDs user interface software. It functions on a PC platform under WINDOWS OS.

The ММI software allows point-to-point connection (IrDA interface optical head), while for DRAGON 3 devices – additionally TCP/IP connection via the local or global network.




The program can be used for:

  • Creation of new configuration and settings
  • Configuration and settings download, editing and saving as a file
  • Remote triggering of Disturbance Recorder
  • Reading and visualisation of the Event Recorder, Disturbance Recorder and Data Logger data.
  • Printing out of configurations, settings, events etc.
  • Converting events into different file formats to be read by external programs
  • On-line diagnostics – visualisation of the current state of all measured and calculated analogue values, process points and binary outputs; remote control of the LEDs and the digital outputs
  • Programming of specific user-defined functions according to the clients' requirements
  • File system access (FTP) to the DRAGON 3 series devices

The program can function both on-line and off-line. The dialogue is simple and intuitive – it uses standard buttons and menus like any MS Windows program.