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The Beginning

A team of renowned Bulgarian experts and engineers from different state and public institutions, experienced in relay protection, automation and remote control, launched a large-scale long-term project for development and manufacturing of a series of digital devices in 1988. The project relied on government support and received a state grant. The project management was assigned to the “Robot Control” section at the former Institute of Technical Cybernetics and Robot Control (ITCRC) in Bulgaria (ITCRC was part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences at the time and a leading scientific institute in Eastern Europe). This expert team was the core of the ROCON PLC, established in 1990 with the main goal to bring the project to fruition.

Nowadays ROCON has:

  • Research, development, manufacturing and maintenance of wide range of world-class intelligent electronic devices (IEDs): relay protections, bay monitoring and control units, testing and measuring equipment for the power energy industry
  • Innovative concepts for substation automation.
  • Fast and excellent results in “turnkey” construction of modern substations
  • Substantial achievements in research and development related to the use of new and renewable energy sources and energy saving.

ROCON has designed, produced and launched:

  • More than 20 000 IEDs for customers in Bulgaria, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Russia, Slovenia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar etc.
  • More than 25 substations (“turnkey” and retrofit projects)
  • More than 30 Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and control centers

For almost 25 years of competition with the world's leading manufacturers of this kind of equipment ROCON has established itself as successful Bulgarian manufacturer with substantial market share both at home and abroad


During the last few years ROCON and UNITEL ENGINEERING have started a large-scale project called "Moscow relay protection factory" (MRZ). The goal of the project is manufacturing and production of protection and control devices - MP3-1 and MP3-3 series, meeting the specific needs of the Russian energy market. By know-how and technology ROCON contributes to the creation of this competitive production.