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Protection Relays

ROCON designs and manufactures large variety of world-class intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for relay protection and automation. They are applicable for all kind of utilities in industry - for all power system facilities (in production, distribution and transmission of energy to the end user) for transport companies, for factory substations etc.





DRAGON series comprises the latest products of our IEDs. They combine large variety of "state of the art” solutions in every single IED, such as:

  • Fully integrated protection, monitoring and control functions
    • Suitable for T&D network, Industry, Transport, Distribution
    • Main or backup protection for HV&MV networks – overhead lines, underground cables, power transformers and motors
    • Applicable for all types of Neutral grounding (isolated, solid, resistance or resonance)
    • Generation (Wind farms, Solar parks etc.)
  • User friendly, high-performance protection and communication features
  • Cost-effective and extremely compact design
  • Simple and user friendly HMI/MMI dialog compared to the products of other well-known IEDs' manufacturers
  • High data security and transparency
  • High degree of overall safety and security
  • Possibilities to add new protection and control functions
  • Flexible and easy configuration of user-defined functions
  • Manufacturing, communication protocols and interfaces - according to the international standards