ROCON Multifunction Protection Relay

The great focus today is high-quality , cost-effective IEDs, which help power producers and distributors to get best of their factories and networks. Our aim is to assist achieving results in the most effective way.

The newest member of ROCON IEDs is DRAGON Family, which combines a lot of  “State of the art” decisions in a single IED with flexible design (construction) and potentiality.

  • Simple, cost-effective and compact design with fully integration of all necessary protection and control functions;
  • Modular construction, which allows flexible extension of I/Os (Inputs/Outputs);
  • EMC, Insulation, Mechanical and Climatic type tests according to the current IEC/EN standards;
  • High availability with less maintenance because of the efficient self-monitoring;
  • 80 samples per cycle scan-rate;
  • Local Human Machine Interface (HMI) through the front panel keypad, LEDs and LCD numerical/graphical display;
  • Simple and user friendly PC based Man Machine Interface (MMI) dialog;
  • Configuration and setting via portable PC and MS Windows compatible service MMI Program – single program for the entire family;
  • IEC61131 flexible programming allowing new protection and control functions to be added without any influence on the physical wiring;
  • Variety of time synchronization protocols: SNTP, IEEE1588 (PTPv2), IRIG-B, 1PPS;
  • Communication with SAS upper level via different interfaces including Ethernet LAN with electrical/fiber optic connections;
  • Communication protocols according to IEC61850 ed1/ed2, IEC60870-5-104, IEC60870-5-103, DNP-3 and Mobdus RTU/TCP;
  • Redundancy protocols IEC62439-3 (PRP/HSR), RSTP;
  • Integration of Power Transformer “condition monitoring” and AVR functionalities including life time supervision;
  • Fully application of Digital substation concept  including availability of IEC61850 based Process bus, Merging units and Intelligent I/O boxes.

DRAGON Family includes a lot of protection functions for different applications:

  • Main and/or backup protection for overhead lines, underground cables, transformers, motors and Busbar;
  • Suitable for EHV, HV and MV network; Industry, Transport, Distribution Generation (Wind farms, Solar parks etc.);
  • Applicable for all types of neutral grounding (isolated, solid, resistance or resonance).
Device Types
Feeder protection
- Overcurrent protection and control RFI D
Line protection RLI D
- Distance protection and control RLI Dd

- Differential and Distance protection and control RLI DI

Transformer protection

- Transformer differential protection and control RTI D

Busbar protection RBP D
- Centralized Busbar protection RBP Dc:
  • Up to 10 Bays in one 19" rack
  • Up to 20 Bays in two 19" racks
  • Up to 30 Bays in three 19" racks
- Decentralized Busbar protection RBP Dd
Motor protection

- Motor differential protection and control RMI D

Bay control unit

- Bay controller with control and monitoring RTU D

- Bay controller with control, monitoring and protection (optional) RTU Dp.