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RAU 108E Measuring and Monitoring Device

RAU 108E is designed to measure, calculate and display 4 analog variables with user-defined rated values, CT/VT ratios, and active/reactive power for HV substations.

RAU 108E can be used in stand-alone mode, or as an element of Substation Automation System (SAS).

Serial interface RS 232 - for the realization of point-to-point connection. The physical connection between the device and the PC serial ports is realized through an optical head interface cable.

The MMI (Man Machine Interface) is a user interface program running on a Windows-based PC platform.

Serial interface RS 485 - the device can optionally be connected to the operator station (SCADA system) via local area network.

RAU 108E measures three phase currents and three phase voltages from the respective measurement transformers and:

  • Calculates active and reactive power
  • Indicates increased active and reactive power
  • Indicates a reduced ph-ph voltage
  • Indicates increased current
  • Every 24 hours records in the event log (Event Recorder) the values ​​of maximum active and reactive power (positive and negative)
  • Accumulates active and reactive energy (separately positive and negative) and records the values ​​in the device nonvolatile memory when the device is switched off. By request from the MMI or the operator station the device sends the current energy values.
  • Sends by request from the MMI or the operator, current values ​​of the three phase currents, three ph-ph voltages, active and reactive power.

 The device displays:

  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Minimum ph-ph voltage
  • Maximum phase current