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RAU 108T Transformer Temperature Control

RAU 108T performs continuous temperature control of a power transformer. It issues a command to the cooling system or switching-off of the transformer if respective limits exceed.

The device visualizes on its display the following values: current (I), oil temperature (Toil), overheating of the transformer (To.h.) and current position of the tap changer. The measured values are monitored by the device and transmitted to the SCADA-system via the respective communication protocol.


The user could define four limits for each measured value. The device registers any case of exceeding these limits.





RAU 108T monitors continuously the measured values and in case of fault it operates in the following sequences of actions:

  • turns the first group of fans on in case of exceeding the first threshold (I or Toil or To.h.)
  • turns the second group of fans on if the second threshold is exceeded
  • signals by means of its LED indicator and binary outputs at critical temperature state of the transformer, or after the third threshold
  • switches the transformer off if the fourth threshold is exceeded