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RBP D Busbar protection

ROCON Distributed Busbar protection system (BPS) includes central RBP D and peripheral units (RBP Dd or RFI D).

BPS is selective, reliable and fast protection system for busbar faults and breaker failers in MV, HV and EHV substations with practically all kind of busbar configurations. The protection is suitable for different types of current transformers - iron-core or linearized (Rogowski coil).  

The decentralized structure allows the protection to be optimally distributed according to the busbar configuration. The BPS is suitable for all kinds of short circuits in up to 4 zones busbar strucutre and 32 peripheral units.

For the two-way information exchange between the central and peripheral units, communication switches and high speed optical channels are used. 


Relay protection functions***

  • Differential protection
  • High set differential protection
  • Breaker failure protection
  • Trip circuits supervision 

***All relay protection functions meet all ANSI and IEC strandards` requirements. 

Automation and remote control functions 

Disturbance (Fault) Recorder

  • Sampling rate - 1kHz / 2kHz
  • User defined trigger conditions and records duration
  • Recroding mode - overwrite (ring buffer) or saturate
  • Each sample consists of instantaneous values of all analog and digital values
  • File format - COMTRADE

Data Logger

  • Sampling rate - 50 / 10 / 1Hz
  • User defined trigger conditions, records duration and values
  • The function could be enabled or disabled
  • Recording mode - overwrite (ring buffer)
  • Each sample contains RMS values of all selected analog values
  • File format - COMTRADE

 Event Recorder

  • Up to 1000 records
  • Each event consists of information about the event`s type, some additional data (such as pick-up current, voltage, the time elapsed etc.) and the time stamp of the event (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, milisecond)
  • Recording mode - overwrite


  • SCADA communication - IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, MODBUS RTU/TCP
  • Configuration tool - ROCON MMI protocol
  • Web-based interface - HTTP
  • Time synchronization - PTP (IEEE 1588), NTP/SNTP, IRIG-B or PPS
  • File system access - FTP

Configuration, setting and administration

  • Web server


  • Up to 32 peripheral units RBP Dd or RFI D