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RAU 116 / 110

RAU 116 / 110  is designed for substations and big industrial facilities of the power network system.

16 / 110 processes data received from external digital signals such as: protection relays operation, trip signals, interlocking, condition of the substation battery etc. and indicates faults by means of its LEDs and binary outputs. The binary outputs could be connected to the station annunciation system - to activate the emergency bell or the horn for example.


The signalization could be proceeded in the following sequence – flashing LED, activation of a binary output, acknowledgement, steady light (or goes dark), and binary output deactivation.



Main features:

  • Digital device based on completely isolated modules - power supply, binary inputs, binary outputs, communication interfaces etc.
  • User-programmable binary inputs and outputs
  • User-friendly interface for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Each input contains its own functional indication group: three colour LED indication, acknowledgement push button and inscription field
  • Real time event recording
  • Reliable self-control
  • Could be part of SCADA system by means of standard communication protocols - IEC 60870 or MODBUS RTU
  • Easy for setting, testing, installation, maintenance and communication.